Other Side of the Conversation/Antimatter


Featuring Antimatter

Shanti in anti matter

Anti-Matter is the first Bzzzline Entertainment production directed by Alisha Rayne.  The production features Alisha as Randi Randalls, a host for the the pretentious interview show ” The Other Side of the Conversation”.  Randi’s guest this week is the neo, nuevo, new-wave film maker Liss Lisstlessly.  Liss is played by comedic actress and Second City alumni Marion Dunham.  The topic is Liss’s new film Anti-Matter.  

The film within a film, Anti-Matter stars cult film director Shane Ryan, and musician/film maker Casey Fera.   A Special guest appearance is made by fellow film maker Shanti Whitney as the mime.  Arturo Guerrero was the editor and cinematographer for both the interview and the film. 

Clips of Anti-Matter are sprinkled during the “Other Side of the Conversation”  interview at exactly the right moments to give the interview the right punch at the right time.  

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