My Name is A by Anonymous

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Bzzzline Entertainment’s latest feature

“My Name is A by Anonymous”


Logline:4 girls lives converge in a single act of brutality.

Inspired by real events “My Name is A” depicts a brutal crime committed against an innocent youth by four seemingly average girls.  Through hand held, and diagetic camera work, My Name is A is an unapologetic look at the internal workings of four girls who have come undone.  The four depictions converge into one act of brutality.  The actions of these girls are neither justified, nor sympathized with, it just asks the question “Why did this happen?   

 Alyssa played by Katie Marsh, and The Sidekick ,played by Demi Bauman, seem like average teenagers as they perform youthful highjinks, and discuss the boys in their class.  Alyssa reveals her true nature, as she bullies The Sidekick, through mental abuse, and controlling behavior.  The Sidekick, seemingly a victim to Alyssa’s bullying, actually introduces the darker side of teenage behavior as she teaches Alyssa how to cut herself.  After the introduction of this act their behavior becomes more erratic, and the focus shifts to the more destructive aspect of their relationship.  In the end their self-destructive behavior is turned on an outsider, and an innocent becomes a victim in their sick game.   

 Another character is The Angst, played by Alex Damiano, who is seemingly unconnected to the other girls.  She starts off as the average teenager as she rails against the unfairness of the world into her flip camera.  The portrait of the average teenager ends there as her abusive relationship with her father unfolds.  To hide from the hideousness of her life, she commits acts of self destructive behavior through actively pursuing an eating disorder, and expertly, cutting herself.  Her deep melancholia turns into psychosis leading her to be an active participant in the ending of a child’s life.

The Singer, played by Teona Dolnikova, is the artist, the dreamer, the one that seems the most harmless.  She starts out the film in what looks like a babysitting capacity.  She takes care of a young girl(Kaliya Skye), and seems to protect her like an older sister would.  When The Singer isn’t with the child she is often alone, singing to herself, painting, and imaginng a world bigger than herself.  But behind this dreamy exterior lies a deep sadness, and surprising rage.  The rage is manifested when she lashes out at her father.  The sadness comes to life as she finishes a painting and then states that she can’t feel anything.  In the end The Singer, who is closest to the child, delivers the killing blow in the violent last act.    

The Director:

Writer/Director Shane Ryan, credited as Bonéshin, first hit the scene in 2007 with his shocking debut feature faux snuff film “Amateur Porn Star Killer”. The film, made for nothing and shot in a single night in one take, was so successful it spawned a trilogy and a 3D parody. The film instantly deemed Ryan as a ground breaking, thought provoking, and controversial filmmaker. His next film after the APSK series sparked even more controversy with its title “Warning!!! Pedophile Released” and its storyline; a 12 year old girl waits 6 years for the young man accused of molesting her and in the meantime is gang-raped, impregnated, thrown out onto the streets.  She turns to a life of drugs, theft and prostitution to survive. Asking the question – would she have been better off under the protection of her accused molester? Yes. But how would society deem that acceptable? The film, like “Amateur Porn Star Killer,” was met with much criticism, debate, and controversy, even getting it banned by many places not for the content, but for the title and story. Ryan has been acclaimed by every place from the Los Angeles Times, to MTV, to Mr. Skin, to the underground blogger, and hated by every level of critic as well, proving his voice speaks louder than most filmmakers in the industry today.  Always sparking an incredibly strong opinion and emotion. His latest film, “My Name is A by Anonymous” will most likely do the same. Taking on the challenge of figuring out how to tell the story about a killer far before her trail begins in real life, Ryan mixes fantasy, reality, fiction, speculation, and personal beliefs to create a film unlike anything you have seen before.


 Katie Marsh as Alyssa

She is a TV, Film, and Stage actress.

She appeared in “Bad Teacher”, and “Extraordinary Measures”


Demi Baumann as The Sidekick


She appeared in “Big Love”, and “The New Adventures of Old Christine”

Younger Sister of Ken Baumann from “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”


Alex Damiano as The Angst

She is a Model, and Actress, originally from Florida.

She has also appeared in the horror feature “Cold Creepy Feeling”


Teona Dolnikova as The Singer

She is an Internationally known pop star, and actress from Russia

She is currently studying acting, and improv in Hollywood, CA



 Domiziano Arcangeli as The Angst’s Father

Domi is an Internationally known Actor, Producer,

Starred in, and producedVirus X,

Played a hardened drug dealer in “Box of Shadows”




Kaliya Skye as The Little Girl

Commercial, Film, and Television Actress,

Appeared on “How I Met Your Mother”, and “My Name is Earl”


Sean Cain as The Singer’s Father

Internationally known director, editor, and producer.

Directed Silent Night Zombie Night, and “Breath of Hate”:


The Producer

Alisha Rayne is a producer, director, editor, set designer, and actress.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A in Film Studies.  She moved to California to pursue a career in film production.  While living in Santa Maria,CA she became the stage manager of the live television show “Adam Bomb Live” for over 15 episodes.   After the show ended she created her own sketch show called “Channel Surfers”.  Alisha moved to Los Angeles a year ago, and has worked her way up to a producer.   Alisha produced the horror short Edgewood Dr., which will be coming to film festivals this October.  She is also in pre-production on another horror short, “Hour of the Witch” starring scream queen Celeste Martinez.  When she is not making movies Alisha works on her entertainment blog, and dedicates herself to bringing the underground to the masses via the web.


Additional Crew

 Director of Photography

The Director of Photography for My Name is A is the super rad, fantastic, man of mystery Arturo Guerrero.  Arturo is an editor, and DP of multiple features, and numerous short films.  He has a degree in Art with an emphasis on Animation.  His artistic sensibility gives all of his camera, and editing work an extra boost, that is hard to beat.  He was the editor for Kyriaki Sunday’s music video “I Almost Lost My Heart in Monaco”, and also co-edited the documentary “Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman”.  Art’s artistic camera work gives a surreal edge to My Name is A, which adds to the disturbing aspects of the story.


Casey Fera is our key grip, and best boy.  He has worked on the popular web series “After Hours” which can be found on  When he is not working on a film set Casey is a musician of the highest calibre.  His music can be found on the soundtrack for “My Name is A by Anonymous”, and he is currently working on his first album.


T. Anthony Moore is a director, and producer who is currently in pre-production on a variety of projects.

Special FX

Vickie Baumann is a makeup artist, actress, and acting coach.  Her help was invaluable to the making of this film.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks goes to Lisa Marsh, and all of the cast and crew for helping make this film a reality.


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