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FanGrllz First Post

This is the first blog post for Bzzzline Entertainment’s blog called Fangrlzzz.  Fangrlzzz ends with a triple z to go along with the whole theme of bees and bzzzing and bzzzline.  This blog is also a fan blog which will review a lot of movies, books, music, etc.  This blog also talks about Hollywood, and how it effects people on a sociological, and psychological level.  Which is a long way of saying that I am going to write a lot of BS, and I hope you eat it up.  I am also a girl and a lot of the things I will review have a female heavy audience such as Supernatural, Orphan Black, etc.  So that is the reason the blog is called Fangrlzzz, fascinating reading, I know. The posts will also be posted onto the Bzzzline facebook page. And for all things funny follow me on twitter @alisha_rayne