Bzzzline Celebrates Christmas with Channel Surfers

Bzzzlines: Web Series

Channel Surfers:The Christmas Episode

Bzzzline continues on the path to glory with a holiday feature on the upcoming web series Channel Surfers.  Each episode reveals a theme as the show flips through sketches the same way a viewer flips channels as they fondle the remote control. With a biting Satire that doesnt hit the viewer until the end of the show, Channel Surfers gives viewers a new perspective on the monolith that takes up most of the space and attention in their living room.

To Showcase the upcoming webseries Channel Surfers, Bzzzline features the entire episode of the web series.  The holidays arent’ safe as the show revolves around the Smorcutt Christmas Parade, and the hosts Barbara Bennington, and Bucky Bloomfield as they give running commentary on the parade, and on eachother. The channels flip throughout the parade, landing on the Shop From Home Network,  Cher singing Christmas songs, and an oldie but an internet goldie Adam Bomb Live.  This episode will make you see what the real meaning of Christmas is, so raise a glass of highly alcoholic eggnog, and enjoy.

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