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Bzzzline was formerly an entertainment blog.  Bzzzline reported on a wide variety of underground entertainment events such as horror film festivals, and comedy showcases.  Below is the original Bzzzline blog catalog.



Skinny Sunday’s Now at the Improv

Sunday, May 1st was the Premiere of the comedy showcase Skinny Sundays at theImprov.  This showcase was put on by the comedy troop “The Skinny Dicks” featuring Rob Lindo, Joey DePaolo, and Mike Sekula.  Read More

The Josh and Josh Show Turns 3

With September comes the end of Summer as well as Labor Day, going back to school sales, and the 3rd year anniversary of the comedy showcase “The Josh and Josh Show” run byJosh Haness, and Josh Weinstein.   Read More…

The Razzies

On February 26th or “Oscar Eve” the 31st annual Razzie awards paid homage to the worst films of 2010, and Bzzzline was there to cover it. The awards ceremony was founded by John Wilson in 1980, who started the awards in reaction to a movie theater refusing to give John his money back when he asked for it. Read more…


The first showcase of The Comedy Pill presented by Ellyn Daniels brought a wide variety of talent to the Bar Lubitsch stage.  Ellyn Daniels herself kicked off the show with some of her incredibly dry wit when she disproves the theory that “you can do anything”. Read More…


Ghosts of Insidious

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

On November 4th and 5th the sunny city of San Diego will be host to the second annualHorrible Imaginings Film Festival.  The film festival was started by Monster Island ResortPodcast host and all around movie lover Miguel Rodriguez.  Read more…

Scary or Die: A Horror Democracy

Scary or Die is a website specifically made for horror filmmakers and their fans. just launched in September, and the response has been tremendous. Read More…

The Ghosts Of “Insidious”

With a classic premise of a family haunting, and a chatty psychic who enjoys TMI“Insidious”takes me back to kinder gentler times, when horror began making a special place in my heart. Read More…

The Premiere of Zombies and Assholes

Zombies and Assholes is a Gen x Zomedy about a bunch of twenty somethings whose breakfast stop is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse.  Read more…

The Selling

The Selling is about Richard Scarry, a too nice real estate agent who is deep in debt from his mother’s medical bills.  To help pay these bills Richard buys a house for cheap, with his business partner Dave Ross, so they can flip it for a profit.  However, as they are fixing up the house they realize that the house was originally so cheap for one very terrible reason.  The house is haunted. Read More…



Bleedfest Presents A Fantasian Themed Film Festival

Brenda and Elisabeth Fies held a Fantasian themed Bleedfest in March at the Cap Theatre in Sherman Oaks.  Read More

Waking Dreams Brings Bollywood to Bleedfest

Directed by Deepika Dhaggubati, Waking Dreams is a family comedy about Latha Kumar (Sulekha Naidu) who just graduated college, and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Read More

Bleedfest: Celebrates Women in Horror Month

Bleedfest is the Badass Genre Film Festival that happens the first Sunday of each month,  featuring women film makers and their projects.  The festival was started by sister filmmaking team of Brenda and Elisabeth Fies.  To cover all genres of film the sisters present a different theme at every film festival.  The badass genre of February was horror to celebrate Women in Horror Month. Read More

Halloween Bleedfest

To celebrate Halloween Bzzzline is featuring last year’s Halloween Bleedfest. Read More

Featured Artist


SHOW EXTENDED: I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

Bzzzline’s Featured Artist Jennifer Jajeh Performs in Los Angeles Read More…

Anna Biller Presents….

Filmmaker Anna Biller draws inspiration from several periods in cinematic history then alters it to fit her own design. Read More…

Bill Oberst Jr. One Scary Badass

Bill Oberst Jr.  is one scary badass according to, and their right.  Bill’s quiet intensity, and overwhelming precence gives audiences chills in every performance.  Read More…

Daywalt Fear Factory

Mass Production of Horror. Read More….

Featured Artist:Romak

Romak is a band out of Southern California featuring lead singer and bassist Romie Romak,  read more…

Lucky Mckee Presents: The Woman

Horror director Lucky Mckee shocks audiences with his new film “The Woman”.  The Woman has stirred up controversy with its unapolagetic storyline about a family man who finds a wild woman while hunting.   The family man decides to civilize her by taking the woman home with him.  Read More…

The Year of the Zombie for Implant’s Director Lisa Coffelt

Crimson Stained Lace productions released their 9th film project Implant.  Implant stars the classically trained Shey Lynn Zanotti, whose character’s husband recently died.      Read More…

Implant’s Composer Jerry Barksdale gives good interview.

The composer of Implant is Jerry Barksdale.  His music was also in Crimson Stained Lace’s “The Sound of Zombie’s.  Read More…


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